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Sterling Engine and Solar Thermal Energy

ok, I came across this youtube video today and it blew my mind.

I’ve been thinking about creating a DIY solar thermal project based upon the Project on The Sietch ( Solar Thermal Panel Two ), but also thinking critically on how I could adapt it to work with the alternator design from the Hugh Piggott wind turbine project to generate electricity.

I really think that this could prove realistic. Using solar energy to create heat and thermodynamics is 3 to 4 times more efficient than using photovoltaics and much cheaper at the moment as well since no silicon required.

The sterling engine is also the perfect candidate because it uses a closed/sealed system which doesn’t require oil and exaust so it makes for a very quiet system.

The other thing I wanted to use solar thermal is for my hot water heating. I live just outside the city and have a shallow well for my housewater and planning on digging a new point and pump in the backyard for irrigating the garden this summer and for the ice rink in the winter.

Since the Sterling engine works on heat differentials, I should be able to use cold groundwater as the cooler part of the system, and use the solar thermal grill as the heat source.

I am sooo excited and intrigued with this concept. Now it is just a matter of figuring it all out and building it out of inexpensive parts. My goal is not to get rich by building something that is crazy expensive that no-one can afford, but instead to build something that the average person can setup in their backyard and generate a large percentage of their hot water and electricity needs!

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