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Youngs Seafood : Food Mile Madness

Posted by keith on 19th December 2007

Youngs Scampi 

Youngs, a huge producer of seafood, are asking people to make fish their Christmas dinner. They want to look like a sustainable company too. Their policy on emissions goes like this:

“We are acutely aware of wider environmental concerns, most particularly the impact of emissions which contribute to global warming. We have therefore begun a detailed programme of initiatives designed to drive down the direct CO2 footprint of our business, as well as making this a priority throughout our supply chain, and with our business partners.”

So, The Unsuitablog congratulates them on managing to produce an item of food caught near to the UK, and getting to UK shops 17,000 miles later:

The whole story can be found at Thanks BBC!

How can Youngs say it is more environmentally friendly to eat up so many food miles? Pay people in Thailand crap wages to peel prawns by hand, that’s how. Of course you wouldn’t catch them asking people in the UK to do things by hand, would you ;-)

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Tesco : Green Clubcard Points or Airmiles

Posted by keith on 18th December 2007

Green Clubcard

Yes, Tesco want to make sure you are saving plastic bags, so offer you loyalty points each time to reuse your own. Well done Tesco! Now let’s see what else you can get with your Clubcard…

Air Miles On Clubcard

Superb. Not a hint of hypocrisy here. Fly, fly, fly, with Tesco.

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Coming Soon

Posted by keith on 18th December 2007

Expect a few fireworks from the people who think “Green” is just another marketing term…

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