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Taco Bell: Another Spot-On Onion Spoof

Posted by keith on August 12th, 2009

Beautiful, and so close to the truth, as usual.

Hint: GM! ;-)

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  1. dael Says:

    nice take, lol
    Wholefoods has been accused of watering down the organic standards.
    I guess the extreme is reality when you look at Crisco.
    See Contoversey section:
    “Crisco and similar low trans-fat products are formed by the interesterification of a mixture of fully hydrogenated oils and partially hydrogenated oils.”

    So they are now using hydrogenated oil and calling it no trans-fat because it falls under the levels prescribed by FDA?

    “The result is “artificial” insofar as the composition of the resultant triglycerides is random, and may contain combinations of fatty acids not commonly found in nature.”

    ” Products derived from cottonseed can enter into the food chain via a legal loophole in the regulation of food and chemicals by the FDA, possibly leading to consumption of significantly elevated amounts of pesticides or chemicals. [6]”

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