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Reveal Handbags : Revile Fashion

Posted by keith on October 6th, 2010

> Dear Keith,

> For your next high-fashion piece, consider REVEAL, the hottest eco-luxury handbags. made of recycled plastic bottles. REVEAL just launched their new Recycled Collection, and it’s perfect for women who are SEXY with SUBSTANCE. You know which women we are referring to. it’s your super stylish and smart girlfriend who manages to look hot while she juggles the balance of life, with an amazing career, adventure, friends, and travel, all while caring about the planet. Sound familiar? Yes. we are talking about you, too.

> I’d like to introduce REVEAL bags, an innovative, sustainable handbag and accessories line. The line features eco-luxury fashion accessories for the modern and mobile lifestyle. REVEAL’s earth and animal friendly products include women’s handbags and wallets, men’s messenger bags and bamboo accessories, and eco-modern mobile accessories for your iPad and iPhone. With REVEAL, you don’t have to choose between fashion and a better planet.

> All REVEAL products are meticulously designed to represent the real you – a fashion-forward trendsetter who cares about our planet and believes that together we can make a difference. To review the entire collection, please visit:

> Rachel Wiley

> (619) 955-5285 Office
> (717) 676-8198 Cell
> 350 W. Ash St. #103
> San Diego, CA 92101

— ——–

Dear Rachel

For your next undermining piece, consider THE UNSUITABLOG, the hottest anti-hypocrisy website…made of recycled words. THE UNSUITABLOG just launched its new article called “Unfashion”, and it’s perfect for people who are RADICAL with PASSION. You know which people we are referring to…it’s your super sustainable and smart friend who manages to undermine the industrial-capitalist system while he or she juggles the balance of life, with amazing home cooked meals, rewilding, community, and localisation, all the while ignoring the fake-green corporate PR system. Sound familiar? Yes… we are talking about you, too.

I’d like to introduce THE UNSUITABLOG, an innovative, anti-capitalist website. It features articles that expose the hypocritical greenwashing of the corporate world. THE UNSUITABLOG’s radical and informative articles include monthly guides to Undermining the industrial system, guest articles from fellow anti-greenwashers, and investigative journalism to expose hypocritical organisations. With THE UNSUITABLOG you don’t have to choose between great reading and a better planet.

Reveal Handbags

Many UNSUITABLOG articles have been meticulously written to expose the true face of the fashion industry – an ever-growing, ever-destroying consumer behemoth which will stop at nothing in its hypocrisy to protect the lie that profit and economic growth are essential to society. To review the latest one, please visit:


6 Responses to “Reveal Handbags : Revile Fashion”

  1. Marmaduke Dando Says:

    Well done sir, excellent!

  2. LS Says:

    That’s funny as hell. These people just walk right up and ask for a kicking …


  3. Ralph Beanface Says:

    Not choosing between fashion and a better planet? I don’t think Rachel really gets the true meaning of what the fashion industry does to the planet and people, both directly and indirectly. Directly, it means people will be consuming and disposing far larger amounts of resources and waste, all in the name of ‘the next season’. It makes affluent people more greedy, isolated and uncaring; poorer people are just exploited further to meet stringent deadlines and clothing varieties. Indirectly there is the problem of the lifestyle which extends to other items (technological, ‘fragrances’ etc.)but also the way in which people look at their world- while inequality is exacerbated. This of course puts more strain on the planet’s ability to support humans as a major species.

    Using up a few plastic bottles does nothing to help the terrible situation civilisation is in. Perhaps encouraging people to use glass or steel re-usable bottles and to have a bag (And other clothes, accessories and appliances) which can be utilised for many many years (ie not related to fashion trends) could be a better way of helping the planet and our overloaded minds.

    One more thing: The fashion industry controls the way people think- especially young people. Fashion designers are deciding what styles we are going to find attractive to us, often 2 years in advance of these styles becoming available in ‘high street’ shops. Isn’t that a bit creepy?

  4. Dorina Says:

    Haha, hilarious response Keith.

    Honestly though, buddy, you gotta be a bit more encouraging to these types of companies. Just because they make fashion items doesn’t automatically make them a hypocrite. There are a lot of these types of brands that are part of the movement to transform an industry and make our planet just a wee bit nicer.

    I mean, if you saw a corporate finance man recycling his soda bottle, would you call him a hypocrite just because he has to work in a blood-sucking industry? Does this make his small act of recycling any less meaningful?

    For the record, I’m with you. I despise most of the fashion industry and most of its empty PR. But it’s easy to condemn an entire “industry.” What’s HARD is picking out the companies that make a positive impact and encourage more to join the good fight.

  5. keith Says:

    Hi Dorina, my approach is whether something claims itself to be “fashionable” or not – which this company definitely did. If they just said: “We make bags which are from recycled bottles” then I wouldn’t give it a second glance (I already have a friend who makes lovely bags from scrap materials), but because they were screaming about its fashion credentials, and also claiming that someone can live by their iPad and iPhone and also be “sustainable”. That’s just crazy.

    And I definitely would pick someone up for claiming that recycling makes it ok to be in a blood-sucking industry; not so for just recycling. Here’s my take on Lockheed Martin, for instance:



  6. Nik Says:

    That was awesome, Keith! Henceforth you shall have the title, Zerzan’s Rottweiler.

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