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The Unsuitablog: Winding Down and Winding Up

Posted by keith on 4th January 2012

Four years, and it feels like it. It would take a book to tell the story of The Unsuitablog: all the work that has gone into it; the sleepless nights wondering whether a stunt would come off or what the repercussions of an exposure would be; the arm-aching pixel manipulation in creating the hundreds of subvertising images for this and other websites; the underhand phone calls and trick emails; the constant niggle of whether any of this was worth the effort at all. I think it was worth it. Certainly a book is near completion, not quite the story of The Unsuitablog, but something most definitely inspired by it.

Underminers is perhaps the culmination of this four-year project, and I have a certain faith – if that’s allowed – that readers of The Unsuitablog and those that take the time to read Underminers will go on to do great things, far beyond anything this blog has achieved. And, you know what, I’m not going to tell you what this blog has achieved: for a start, I have no way of telling whether anything that seems to have been inspired by it was the direct result of it, nor if anything else that may have just sown the seed in the mind of a reader led to something magnificent. Maybe it did, maybe it didn’t. Also, why the hell should I take credit for something done by someone else? I know what I have done, but that’s all the credit I should take. Anything else is the domain of the person or persons who carried out those magnificent acts: they should take the credit.

And now it is time to wind down The Unsuitablog, at least unless it is needed again. Maybe wind down is wrong: I suspect “wind up” is more appropriate, for with its stasis remains an archive that can be used for as long as this site exists by anyone who wishes to do things that might make a difference. If anything has given me joy from this project, it has been the knowledge that the mere presence of this blog and many of the acts recorded in it, have truly wound up the establishment, the corporate system, and those people that pretend to make things better when they are just perpetuating the horror that continues – the horror that we must prevent. So, wind ’em up, and take the piss – in the darkest of times, a smile and a burst of sarcasm can undermine even the most immovable of obstacles.

Keith Farnish
January 4, 2012.

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The Unsuitablog Archive

Posted by keith on 4th January 2012

The Unsuitablog contains a huge range of posts from simple criticism to investigation to downright in-your-face sabotage. It also has heaps of advice on how to recognise and expose greenwash and the entire series of Monthly Undermining Tasks which helped the book Underminers become a reality.

To help with navigation through this web of information I have diligently categorised every item, which you can choose from by using the Categories list on the right. Headline items, including the Monthly Undermining Tasks and the Exposure series are on the left, and there is the Chronological Archive in full further down on the left.

For fun there is also a Subvertising Gallery (fully updated as of January 2012) which you are free to use under the terms of the Creative Commons License.

The Unsuitablog will now only be updated in the event of a major investigation of piece of news being made available. See the panel on the right if you have any such information.


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