The annual Boxes of Love Thanksgiving food event at Children  of the City is the only  community service project with all the fun and excitement of a game of Beat  The Clock. 

The first shift of volunteers arrive at noon to help sort hundreds of pounds of canned food  and non-perishables.  They  pack dozens of  bags and boxes of groceries for  families living below the poverty line in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.    

 At three o’clock sharp, the second shift is in place and Daniel Ramos  goes over the game plan.  Dividing the volunteers into three teams he explains that  time is of the essence.   We have one hour  to distribute the boxes to the  clients standing on the other side of the door.   

A former Disney employee instructs the volunteers on ways to make the Children of the City headquarters the happiest place in Brooklyn.   

Each family walks through the threshold to the applause and cheers of smiling volunteers.    Ticket takers welcome guests in Spanish and English.   The families are asked to chose between a canned ham or a frozen turkey package.  Smiling  volunteers carry the groceries and help shepard the kids  outside.  Everyone wishes each other a Happy Thanksgiving  y Felice de Dia de Gracias.    

Children of the City offers a variety of programs to help change the culture of poverty.     

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