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WWF : Buy Yourself A New Corporate Image (Part 2)

Posted by keith on January 16th, 2008

More WWF Corporate

So much for the Brits, WWF-USA takes the idea of corporate love-ins to a whole new level. Go to the link yourself.

GASP at the polluters who want to look green.

SWOON at the food companies who sweep things under the carpet.

Be in SHOCK AND AWE at the financiers who run the world, and pretend to save it. On the WWF corporate partners web page lies a catalogue of the biggest names in greenwash.

Let’s look…

CARGILL : The largest grain producer and exporter on Earth. Genetically modified crops…check! Deforestation…check! Large scale agribusiness…check!

COCA-COLA : Enemy of poor rural Indians and extractor of millions of gallons of much needed water every day.

ALCOA : Aluminium giant. Producer of millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide every year, and polluter of lakes and rivers throughout the world.

TOYOTA and NISSAN NORTH AMERICA : Purveyor of SUVs and 4x4s to the masses. Get ’em while they’re belching!

TATE AND LYLE : Destroyer of native habitats worldwide. They “own” around a quarter of Mauritius.

WALT DISNEY COMPANY : Brainwashing masters. Lose your childhood to a corporate myth.

And they were just the easy ones that I didn’t have to research. If WWF are really so outrageously dumb to think that any of these companies deserves to look good and, in effect, wipe out all memory of their terrible activities, then they can go ahead, but DON’T DARE THEY SAY THEY ARE AN ENVIRONMENTAL ORGANIZATION!

3 Responses to “WWF : Buy Yourself A New Corporate Image (Part 2)”

  1. keith Says:

    Please tell me what is incorrect and I will gladly change the article: if anything, I am holding back on the criticism!


    [N.B. The comment to which this was a response was deleted by the poster – presumably they realised the article was correct after all]

  2. Frank Says:

    Environmentalists cannot allow organizations like the WWF to buddy up with known criminal corporations in this way. Coca-Cola donated $20m which should never be conceived as repentance from Coca-Cola–it’s the same as Starbucks claiming they are helping to save the rainforests. Allowing these corporations to become involved with activist foundations while continuing their malevolent practices dilutes the effectiveness of the seemingly noble cause of, for instance, the WWF–while at the same time furthering the belief that the corporations are not exploiting and raping the earth and its species (human and non-human). And the world burns.

    This is not to say that I’m not glad that Coca-Cola is going to spend some of its stolen money to help a cause, but maybe they should have this written into their business plan. Drastically lower the amount of pollution they cause, improve working conditions, raise wages, develop superior recycling facilities for their products, change how their company is powered and stop STEALING WATER. Billion dollar international corporations should not rely on non-profits to fix the problems they cause through donations; they need to be accountable and responsible for changing themselves. If they do not we need to make them. I’m not sure which is worse for the future of our planet; evil corporations, or organized environmentalists helping to protect their image. This is outrageous. WWF should be ashamed.

  3. keith Says:

    Thanks, Deborah,

    I’ll have a look at this and report on it… (2005!)

    They are participating, I’ll try and dig out some opinions.

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