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About The Author

Keith Farnish is an environmental writer, philosopher and activist. He lives in southern Scotland his wife and two children.

He has been involved in environmental issues for many years, for a large part of that as an active member of various environmental organisations, almost all of which he has become totally deluded by. He is continually striving to minimise his impact on the natural world. He also has a deep interest in human rights, and the way in which this is closely wrapped up in the protection of the global environment.

Keith is the author of The Earth Blog, intended as a source of inspiration for people who want to be challenged, and offering uncompromising solutions to difficult problems, and occasionally writes for The Sietch Blog, Culture Change and Club Orlov. In 2006, Keith co-founded Green Seniors alongside Joyce Emery of Iowa, USA. Green Seniors’ aim is to mobilize the millions of environmentally aware seniors around the globe into using their experience and free time to make a positive difference.

He has written a book called A Matter Of Scale, which is free to read online, and has also been published as “Time’s Up! An Uncivilized Solution To A Global Crisis” by Green Books in March 2009. Read more about Time’s Up! by following this link. Keith is currently writing a book called Underminers: A Practical Guide to Radical Change which is even more dangerous than Time’s Up!


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