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Super Tuesday : The Day The Earth Vanished

Posted by keith on February 6th, 2008

Missing Earth

Yesterday was “Super Tuesday”. It was a big day in American politics and, true to form, the Earth suddenly found itself without a representative in the USA. 

When politics really gets media-savvy then this is what happens:

1) Facts go out of the window; nice words takes over.
2) Public appeal comes to the forefront; politicians have to be seen to be popular,
3) Home issues comprise 90% of the stated policies, especially the “economy” (A.K.A. consumer spending).
4) The planet disappears in a cloud of rhetoric.

I didn’t have to watch the speeches to know this, it’s been going on ever since real power was taken out of the hands of the voting public and placed into the pockets of the super-rich and the corporate lobbyists. What I didn’t expect, though, was how obvious the hole is, once you realise that environmental degradation is – without a shadow of doubt – the most critical issue all humans face.

But I’ll let you decide for yourself how much these candidates (and their families) care about our future… (Hillary Clinton speech) (John McCain speech) (Barack Obama speech) (Mitt Romney’s family speaking)

And don’t let them forget that you know what they forgot.

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