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Bosch Planet Savers: Lies And Hypocrisy

Posted by keith on July 28th, 2008

Not Planet Savers

A few years ago, before I had hit the “green curve” (as BP like to call it — more of that in another post) I bought a dishwasher. I still have one — not the same one, which eventually broke down irreparably, but an identical model which someone else was throwing out — and because my hot water doesn’t come from renewables yet, but my electricity does, we still use it. It’s a Bosch, an “AA” rated one, which means it doesn’t use much electricity or water. But (big but) we don’t actually produce a lot of washing up compared to the average family; we reduce the need to wash before actually washing. That’s just common sense.

When Bosch — who, quite frankly, exist solely to sell appliances — come out with an advert entitled “Planet savers” (note my annotation in the picture, being rather cross when I read it) I have to be very suspicious indeed. The implication is that their products are actually saving the planet. Forget the fact that you might have no washing up at all to do, or you boiled your washing up water on a wood stove — if you buy a Bosch product then you are SAVING THE PLANET!

Does that seem a little disingenuous on behalf of the planet to you? Like all “techno fixes”, when you imply technology has a critical part to play in the restoration of the Earth’s natural systems and habitats to their previous state, you are effectively saying that nature can’t do things well enough on its own. That is certainly true when bombarded with pollutants and greed-driven destruction; but remember that the pollutants and greed-driven destruction are the result of human (more accurately, Civilized Human) agency. Nature doesn’t need technology — commerce and growth needs technology.

It gets worse, though. You might not be able to read the small print at the bottom of the advert, so here it is, with the original emphasis shown:

Trust your instincts. Bosch manufacture some of the most energy and water efficient appliances available. Where possible we use materials labelled for environmental recycling and because we believe product performance need not be compromised to embrace the planet we live on, they are designed to give you the best results every time. To discover more and a chance to win a trip to Florida including a live space shuttle launch and other Disney themed prizes, visit WALL.E at

Words fail me. I only have so much tolerance for bullsh*t.

4 Responses to “Bosch Planet Savers: Lies And Hypocrisy”

  1. Graham Cox Says:

    Hi Keith
    This advert drove me nuts as well,I did not no wether to laugh or cry.This ad really tells people you can have your cake and eat it.
    I cannot believe adverts like this are allowed.
    I wrote to bosch on Wed saying they could have at least offered a trip to Euro Disney on the train rather than the flight.
    As yet I have had no reply.
    I have been a self employed domestic appliance engineer for 10 years now and I must say I am dismayed at how disposable appliances have become.
    25 years ago washing machines were built to last between 10 and 20 years now they often dont last five years.
    One of the many reasons is the cost of the spare parts compared to the price of a new machine.
    The manufactures fix the parts prices so high that it makes a repair uneconomical.
    If Bosch were a really green company they would cut the price of there spare parts and increase the price of the finished product or give a ten year parts and labour guarentee!!


  2. kwatt Says:

    I was pointed to this article by an appliance repairer.

    Yeah, let’s all save the planet by buying a load of new appliances when we don’t need them.

    Meanwhile, Bosch and others will restrict service information and make spare parts expensive so you are forced to buy a new one, great plan.


  3. Geoff Paterson Says:

    This is Bosch-sh*t rather than bullshit, they really do have a cheek.

  4. keith Says:

    Bosch-shit. Love it!

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