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Shell: Beautifully Poetic Greenwashing

Posted by keith on October 7th, 2008

An example of how the big guys work their art, with help from musician Mark Knopfler, and actor John Hannah (you should both be ashamed):

This advert was aired in 2004 in the USA, but continued for another 2 years in the UK: people really believed that Shell wanted to make things better; people really believed that we could get all our energy from solar and wood…

…well, yes, we can actually — it’s just that we would have reduce our energy usage by 90% in the industrial consumer culture to even get close to this target — which Shell conveniently forget to mention. That would explain why the very same year they were paying for this advert to be shown around the world, they started planning the largest oil sands extraction project on Earth!

Don’t be fooled: THEY LIE.

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  1. keith Says:

    LATEST: According to the Carbon Disclosure Project, Shell’s self-assessed greenhouse gas emissions for 2007 were 92 million tCO2e (tonnes carbon dioxide equivalent) for its operations – more than the entire annual emissions of Austria – and 743 million tCO2e from the use of its products: more than the entire annual emissions of the UK!

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