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Did You Really Expect It To Succeed?

Posted by keith on December 20th, 2009


Now stop hoping, and get doing!

3 Responses to “Did You Really Expect It To Succeed?”

  1. Steve Says:

    If they truly believe their own rhetoric (which i doubt) then the vast majority of the leaders of industrialized states are either pathological or criminally insane. I would like to think that this debacle closes the debate on how “we” can reform the system. Sadly, it aint gonna happen; im just soooo waiting to hear the the NGO apologists responses, the career “environmentalists”. Either way it isnt going to stop Soloman Islanders or Bangladeshis from losing their land at best or starving and drowning at worst. “We” are no match for natural systems when it comes down to the wire.
    I shudder at the judgement that will be made against us by those people who come after us, those to whom we shall be “the ancestors”. Ancestors used to be reverred and considered wise; most of us living now will deserve no such honour.

  2. David Says:

    Were you at the conference. I heard about an activist who tried to tunnel 400m into the conference. Do you know if this story is true.

  3. keith Says:

    400m! Well, that would take about a year by hand so it’s unlikely.

    Didn’t even think of going – what would have been the point?


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