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Rebecca Spillson’s Propaganda Machine Undermined

Posted by keith on October 2nd, 2010

Everything’s fine on the Alabama coast, especially at Gulf Shores / Orange Beach, especially now it’s Shrimp Festival time. Hey! Those persistent organic toxins aren’t going to eat themselves:

Yes, that really was posted on YouTube in the last few days, [dreamily] almost as though nothing had happened in the Gulf…

Jerry Cope at Huffington Post seems a little suspicious:

In its continuing effort to protect the public from toxic chemical exposure due to crude oil and Corexit dispersants, the City Of Orange Beach, Alabama, is hosting the Thunder on the Gulf boat races to bookend the 39th Annual National Shrimp Festival the weekend of Oct. 15. Although the vast majority of locals will not go in the water or on the beaches much less consume seafood caught in the Gulf, thanks to enthusiastic misinformation from authorities and intentionally lax testing methods such as the infamous “smell test,” tens of thousands of people will be exposed to toxic chemicals through inhalation, skin absorption and ingestion.

And it’s thanks to Jerry, and his damn suspicions that I have no option but to repost this redux version of the above…

Not too sure about the politics of the poster, but I think it would be rather fun if everyone posted these two videos together, just to show a few people what propaganda really looks like:

The original (the lie):

The spoof (the truth):

One Response to “Rebecca Spillson’s Propaganda Machine Undermined”

  1. Ralph Beanface Says:

    Very nice!
    If you have read Barbara Ehrreich’s “Smile Or Die”, you may also find an extra dose of irritation in the original’s talk of the ‘positive attitude and energy’ of the kids with cancer. If not, I imagine that last sentence made me seem rather heartless.

    Very good spoof; I’ve posted the links on Facebook.

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