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Posted by keith on December 3rd, 2010

The Wikileaks servers are under constant pressure and attack: both the sheer weight of traffic and the efforts of various government agencies to bring the servers down, or damage the DNS records, are conspiring to make the main site unavailable. But this is not really a problem for two reasons: first, the latest batch of leaks is already circulating, in the hands of both the mainstream media and also countless numbers of individuals who are ensuring the data is kept safe. Second, there are a number of mirror servers that are hosting the Wikileaks database in various locations around the world. The single page site holds a reliable list of the mirror servers along with various alternative information portals. The information below, derived from that page, will be kept up to date as far as I am able.

* – Official Wikileaks Page [,]

* – Alternate live page (thanks for Patti for info)

* – Secret US Embassy Cables [,,]

* – Secure SSL Chat Page [], currently unavailable

* – Secure Document Submission Page [ – currently]

* – Currently unavailable

* – Currently parked

* – Currently parked

* – Points to Official Site [ – currently]

* – Points to Official Site [ – currently]

* – Points to Official Site [ – currently]

* – Currently parked

* – Possibly a full mirror

* – Points to Official Site [ – currently]

* – Currently parked

* – Points to Official Site []

Real mirrors on different IP Addresses:

* – Mirror hosted in Switzerland []

* – Mirror hosted in Sweden []

* – Mirror hosted in the United States []

* – Static Cablegate mirror (thanks to Maria for link)

Important Wikileaks Links:

* – Official Wikileaks Twitter Page

* – Official Wikileaks Facebook Page

In addition, if you are a Torrenter (BitTorrent etc.) then please take a moment to download (and host if possible) the encrypted Wikileaks Insurance file. This is likely to be another batch of “hot” information, with the decryption key being released in the event of the Wikileaks infrastructure or staff being severely compromised in any way. More information on the Insurance file is available here.

Information on how to Mirror Wikileaks is on this page – a dynamic list will be maintained as soon as 50 mirrors are established.

Thank you.


  1. Patty Says:

    Just to help readers keep up to speed … was shut down (purportedly) because of too many attacks by self-righteous thug hackers like “th3j35t3r”. So, as Keith mentions in the post, has noted a new site not previously mentioned: – Temporary [Official] Wikileaks Page [,]

    If anyone reading here has not had the unpleasant experience of being pledged to maintain state secrets, then they should read as many of these as possible. These are blunt, even seemingly trite at times but, above all, they are the reality of “diplomacy.” To some, these appear as shocking. Trust me, they aren’t. You can also rest assured that every other country’s diplomatic corps’ communications are equally stinky.

    I would like you to imagine what else goes on with regard to state secrets if these cables have provided you some new insights. I’m sure you know of a treaty or two your country has entered into that you are thankful for. Like reducing the threat of weaponized outer space (militarists like to call that “the high ground”). Or perhaps an agreement with a former foe, now good buddy, to reduce the number of nuclear devices on both lands.

    Now, please, consider the two-faced reality you’ve learned by reading the cables. What you’ve been told over and over by official spokespeople and the media ain’t exactly the truth … in the field of diplomacy, the cables come a lot closer. Now, if you would, apply that same duality of “truth” to the treaties I just mentioned. Yes, the reality behind the smoke-screen of photo-ops and press conferences is ugly. It’s full of lies, misdirection, cheating, stealing, and worse.

    A good healthy collapse, in complete measure, of the industrial culture should help us revisit the system we use to interact between large groups of people. It seems to me that, if we’re generally smart enough, anarchy just might prevail for the betterment of all of us.
    [how’s that for rant going far afield?]

  2. Maria Kelly Says: down at this time, cablegate mirror

  3. Patty Says: is just fine (2010 DEC 05 13:59 GMT). The last post directs clickers to nowhere useful ( [Just checked – it’s been brought down by the feeble host – arseholes! K]

    Better yet, follow Keith’s advice and put up your own Wikileaks mirror. And you might as well download the Wikileaks Insurance File. News reports have placed the to-date downloads at “tens of thousands.”

    Personally, I’m looking forward to adding a monster bank or two to the list of embarrassed entities exposed for malfeasance by Wikileaks. They are, arguably, a more devastating power than governments.

  4. LS Says:

    Fingers crossed that Wikileaks and Julian Assanga can keep up the fight. I wouldn’t like to be in Julian’s shoes these days. He is far too effective for the powers that be to allow him to continue his work.

    What strikes me about all of this is the following:

    We hear virtually nothing about the people who actually do the leaking, just about how “bad” Assanga is (I think you call this shooting the messenger).

    Wikileaks is now doing the job that the media used to do (perhaps). While the media continue to be puppets and mouthpieces for the governments involved.

    We live in a fantasy world of denial, corruption and manipulation. People like Julian Assanga turn the spotlight on the cockroaches responsible.

    Run Julian Run!


  5. Antje Cobbett Says:

    We are living in Spain and heard what happened and are appalled! What can we do to help? I have space on my website for a list of mirrors for wikileaks! I can also make a new blog fast or anything else that may help. I’ll do it for free, of course!

    I’m also writing about the hypocrisy of the health system and destruction of agriculture in Europe and have to problem exposing more secrets or whatever. I’m always interested and will always write and publish!



  6. keith Says:

    Hi Antje

    Click on the link at the bottom of the article – there are already hundreds of mirror sites but they always need more. Feel free to write something for The Unsuitablog if it is related to human rights or environmental issues.



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