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Everyone Must Follow The Rules (Apart From Those Who Make The Rules)

Posted by keith on May 4th, 2011

Enjoy the moment – the personification of Evil is dead. Take to the streets and express your sheer joy at the end of a symbol. Paint your banners and hold them high; unfurl your flags and wave them in the night sky; don your army surplus trousers and bare your chests: we have a winner folks, and it’s the US of A!

Now haul that son-of-a-bitch in front of the public and make him justify his atrocities. How did he raise such a complex network of followers and stay safe for 30 years? Where did the money and the weapons come from? How did he cause so much destruction with so few people? Force him to explain the killings. Why does he hate the West so much? Why, just why?

Sorry, we can’t do that, we seem to have killed him. Bullet to the back of the head – easy mistake to make. We will speak for him.

But the body. There has to be a body we can examine, if not gloat over, and confirm that the bogeyman is once and for all dead. Show the world that the conspiracy nuts were wrong – he didn’t die ten years ago in Tora Bora; he wasn’t killed in a shoot-out in Kabul; he didn’t breathe his last before now. The palace of Islamist dreams held his evil self right on the doorstep of the Pakistani authorities, and America smoked him out. His lifeless self lies on the slab.

Sorry, we can’t do that, we dumped him in the ocean where the fishes feed on his flesh. Muslim tradition, you see. We had his body, ok – there’s DNA and everything.

Now if you don’t mind we have interviews to do; elections to win; oil to pump and an empire to run.

Hold those flags up higher.

3 Responses to “Everyone Must Follow The Rules (Apart From Those Who Make The Rules)”

  1. Alef Says:

    When I first saw the news about his (alleged) death in the newspaper (the Swedish “Dagens Nyheter”), I was quite literally apalled by the lack of thought put into writing the article(s). First of all: Where was the evidence? Why did they present the news as if it was the absolute truth? Where were the sources of the information? Etc. And then: Why did they focus only (or at least primarily) on the “victory” of the US? Why should we “celebrate”? Why was there no criticism of the concept of “terrorism”, and the reasons the US invented the thing in the first place? “Justice has ben done”? Justice my arse. Etc. And most important of all: Why were there no mentions of the far more destructive militarism, corporatism, and torturing of the planet that the oh-so-victorious US promotes?

    Nope. Let’s all just accept this as the godsent TRUTH, and go out on the streets CELEBRATING the DEATH of some EVIL guy. And let us then all go home and burn some copies of George Orwell’s “1984”, while dumping some oil into the ocean, shall we?

  2. LS Says:

    Perhaps what offended me most of all in the waves of glee sweeping the world over Osama Bin Laden’s death was the Prime Minister of my country (Australia) standing up on national television and saying that she ‘welcomes’ his death.

    Hang on, I thought that (unlike the US) Australia didn’t condone the death penalty any more? And last time I checked people needed to stand trial for their crimes.

    Even Nazi war criminals (who participated in the killing of many more people than Bin Laden did) were given trial. Yet here we are dolling out summary justice with a smug smile.

    So to all those people waving their flags and partying: here’s hoping that our “leaders” don’t decide to turn their summary justice on you one day.

    And don’t forget, you can never say never …


  3. Patty Says:

    Words cannot express how revolted I am by the spontaneous outpouring of jubilation over the assassination of Osama bin Laden. It’s been almost a week and I cannot get those images out of my head. It’s like some god damned football championship was won. There’s so much rage to express and no socially acceptable outlet because, hey, we got the bad guy! Aren’t you happy there’s one less bad guy? What, are you un-American?

    Just a reminder to all, in case the subject of truth were to be acceptable again: Regardless of the authenticity of any supposed “confession” tapes made by the alleged perpetrator, the American FBI was unable to find sufficient evidence to indict Osama bin Laden on any charge for the infamous event of September 11, 2001. Including simple conspiracy. They were, however, able to present enough evidence to Grand Juries to indict him for charges related to murder of US citizens and destruction of US property as resulted from bombing US embassies in foreign countries. You know, like any oppressed “terrorist” lashing out at the hegemonistic activities of the US on their land. For reference, please view Osama bin Laden’s “wanted” poster here:

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