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Subvertising Gallery!

The Unsuitablog likes subvertising!

All Images adapted / created by Keith Farnish for The Unsuitablog, unless stated. Click for the full sized version:

Volvo Endanger Me Asda TShirt F*** The Polar Bears! National Geographic Hummer Gordon Brown Tattoo

FOE DEFRALand rover screwed Carbon Intensity not Emissions Earth Day Money

Hypocritical Green Car Show Sierra Club Airlines WWF Corporate Greenpeace Cities OK

Stop Airport Expansion Protest Pointless Treehugger Trendy Shitty British Airways M&S Plan A Cos Plan B Is Scary

America’s Dirty Power Pur? Procter & Gamble. Supreme Master Of Hypocrisy Nature Conservancy Business

A Huge Hulking Chevy We Can’t Solve It Woodland Far Too Trusting Fat Cats

Ecospam GM Global Murder Billiton Child Climate Counts

Spray Something New Today Coke Polar Bears Shell Oil At any Cost Chevron Inhuman Energy small

ACC Ecosystem Destroy Falklands oil base 1 Greenopia Suncor Bullshit

EJA Plane Mothercare Weapons For Kids Holland and Barrett Biohazard Greenwash Britain Day

Kleercut Greenwashed BioFuel Africa Blood planestupidguest1.jpg npower.jpg

Ecosmart?CompassPoint ChevronDisney Woodland Blood On HandsGE Greenwashing Experts

Harper Denial350.orgNopenhagenPrecious Oil Soaked Planet

Unsustainable Forestry InitiativeUPS Plane Emissions 10 Tag In Blood

Operation Christmas Child convert christian samaritan's purse

Earth Hour Sucks tower block


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8 Responses to “Subvertising Gallery!”

  1. The Sietch Blog » I Like Subvertising Says:

    […] is a gallery of the images at, and you are free to use them so long as you say where they came […]

  2. John Wood Says:

    What makes this arrogant government belive that it has the right to distroy our envioroment!! The sooner we are rid of new labour the better for the planet!!!!!!!!!

  3. keith Says:

    New Labour, Conservative, Liberal Democrat, SNP; US Government, German Government, Italian Government…they all want the same thing: unstoppable economic growth at any cost, even the loss of humanity. Sounds mad? Yep, pathological in fact. It’s not the style of government, it’s the whole system that’s at fault.

  4. Mark Says:

    Keith is right all governments etc are the same they want to please the people, we must remember lobbying governments will NEVER work you might get a wee bit here and there but climate change is caused by the general public, it is all of us that need to change, and history shows that forced change does not work well!

  5. keith Says:


    Can we take this offline, it’s clogging up the page. Please write to me:

    I’ve put this entire discussion into draft so it’s not lost, they are no longer comments, and this has nothing to do with the Subvertising Gallery.

  6. Beastly Says:

    Oy have I got some bad news for you sunshine. Just moved to China. Does this forum support speaking French? Because, my friends, I can find no non-profane way to say this adequately. The West has some delusions of fairplay and ideas about responsibility. As I look out my window at the smog, the autos and the smokestacks, and run what numbers my little head can accomodate I assure you none of that matters. One planet. We’re all fucked.

    [Profanity is perfectly acceptable, Beastly. Most of us may be fucked; but let’s have a go trying to help those of us who want to carry on. K.]

  7. A Siegel Says:

    These are, sadly, quite good. Will start using.

    You might want to consider adding in / having links to other relevant ones. For example, one that I use is “Dominion: Global Warming Starts Here”.

  8. JB Says:

    How about complimenting those huge LG billboards proclaiming “Life’s Good” with:

    Earth’s Paying

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